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The 5th Annual Workshop "Tatakou! Tataki"

This is the 5th annual “Workshop for the next generation” in which the children learn how ourliving spaces and landscape sceneries are formed through the experience of traditional skills.

In this year’s workshop, we will make soil blocks using the Tataki (hard- packing) method which was a common method used on earth floors in former farmhouses. We will arrange these blocks to pave the ground.

There is a unique paving material in Obuse Town which has historical background, the chestnut wood blocks. This workshop aims to develop the second original paving material in Obuse. The soil block made by the Tataki (hard- packing) method is close in shape to the chestnut wood blocks.

Appropriate materials, tools and skills are required in order to hard- pack the soil into a specific shape. Third grade students will challenge this slightly difficult workshop by observing the demonstration of the craftsmen and with the help from the university students of the institute, class teachers, volunteers of the town.

Director of Machizukuri Institute of Tokyo Universtiy of Science and Obuse Town
Masato Kawamukai

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