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About Our Institute


 Foundation of Machizukuri Institute of Tokyo University of Science and Obuse was established on July 18th, 2005. This was the first permanent research institute in Japan for the university and the local government to share an investment in carrying out joint research. The photo captures the scene of the Institute crowded with many visitors on the day of the opening ceremony. The Institute is on the second floor of the town office situated just in front of the mayor’s office. There are various panels and models of the production of research analysis and propositions displayed in the Institute and also in the outside corridor.

 Six to seven themes are set annually for the Senior, Master and Doctoral Course students to live for an extended period of time at the Institute to carry out their research. The elementary school and junior high school in Obuse cooperate to hold the annual “Workshop for the Next Generation” which takes place in August after the summer holiday. In addition, meetings are held irregularly to explain to townspeople about Machizukuri (town building). Every year, production of research activities are presented to the public by the“ Research Report Association, Exhibition and Symposium” held on the second or third Saturdays of November. We also support the project management of the“ Obuse Machizukuri University” (sponsored monthly by Obuse) and the Training Association and Symposium held in Obuse sponsored by the prefectures and the country.

Director of Machizukuri Institute of Tokyo Universtiy of Science and Obuse Town
Masato Kawamukai

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