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Obuse Machizukuri University 2009

In this year’s Obuse Machizukuri University, we are inviting the key person in the public administration, as a lecturer, from the town which has succeeded on Machizukuri (town building) in a lively way.

Next (3rd) Lecture:

Creative Machizukuri Making the Most of the History and Culture -In the Case of Kanazawa
(visiting lecturer: Yoshiyuki Okada)

Time & Place : Oct. 5, 2009, Obuse town hall, 18:00 start

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2nd Lecture:

Things to Protect and Things to Hand Down
-In the Case of Tsumago
(visiting lecturer: Toshihiko Kobayashi)

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1st Lecture:

The City that Associates with History and Culture
-In the Case of Kyoto
(visiting lecturer: Motohiko Takaya)

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