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Activities of Machizukuri Institute of TUS and Obuse Town

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■Survey and Photographic Documentation

The most important and fundamental work is to seek the vision of Machizukuri in Obuse Town. We will survey the actual state of architectural heritages (historical buildings, old alleyways and waterways, etc.). These accumulated data will be filed for reference in Machizukuri.

■Interviews and Questionnaires

By interviewing townspeople and administration, histories of the architectural heritages and opinions on the present state and expectations for the future will be disclosed as fundamental data for Machizukuri.

■Analyzing and Making Distribution Maps

Accumulated data will be categorized and illustrated with statistical table/charts in order to disclose the landscape elements that structure Obuse Town's original landscape. These concrete data allow us to discuss the "characteristics of Obuse Town." Furthermore, landscape elements will not only become Machizukuri material in the future, but they will also be "the starting point" of the concrete Machizukuri process.

■Making Models

Obuse Town models will be created from the investigated data. These models will be used during the studies for proposals.

■Reports, Conferences and Exhibitions

Accomplishments and concrete proposals for Machizukuri will be reported in the form of panels and models, which will also be exhibited at the Machizukuri Institute.

■Symposiums and Workshops

Rather than just presenting our accomplishments and proposals in one way, we will hold symposiums and workshops to further promote interactive understanding. We will simultaneously discover
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